Mobile application for controlling the drone on the yacht.


By design, the drone is located on the yacht's roof, where it has its platform, and we can perform various tasks directly from the application.


The application is intended for people who cannot control the drone or do not have sufficient competence to do it on the water.

Mobile application design
Colors in the application

With this application, the best choice will be neutral colors so that the application interface is universal. I chose blue as the accent color, which, apart from associations with reliability and solidity, inspires trust. So it will work in the application for people who need to trust the new device.


I visit this site from time to time and every time I find it difficult, I always have to look for information and try to remind myself where I found it last time. That's why I decided to create a new, more accessible look for the website.

Landing Page

UI portalu o jodze

Portal with original illustrations. It is intended to serve people who not only want to practice Yoga, but also be up-to-date with topics related to it. Created to introduce and encourage visitors to practice. The first part presents the mission, then we can get acquainted with the teachers and possible practitioners.

Projects for the Natural Goddess portal

The cooperation includes the implementation of a calendar with an original interior (2020-2022). To create the whole thing, it was necessary to develop a system: fonts, colors, icons and illustrations (version 2022). 


For the needs of the product, I developed two fonts with characters that facilitate the arrangement of icons in the following days. The spreads feature various tables and infographics. Everything belongs to the same identification. As part of the cooperation, he also produces other printed materials and web.

Inne ralizacje