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Children's illustrations for the fairy tale "Rusalka from the pond near the mill"

Project made for the thesis in order to confirm the receipt of the illustrations by children of different ages.

There are many illustrations that captivate us with their charm from the very first moment, others will appeal to us after some time, and we will see others after many years.That is why diversity is important, which gives the illustrator a choice whether he wants to create a world with many details, or almost ascetic, based on simple graphic forms, or perhaps abstract made of stains or with watercolor views.Color illustration is one of the basic, non-accidental methods that can bring you closer to the world around you and its rules.Therefore, it would be a great loss not to use it in the development of children.The illustration consists of a graphic symbol, color and line, which bring them closer to artistic forms, while the content defined therein provokes reflection.

For my illustrations, I chose an inter-text and full-page solution, but I placed the illustrations on the left side so that the text referring to them was on the right, even though it was not taken into account in this study.By this I would like to emphasize that these are not only pictures that children are supposed to judge, but belong to the whole piece.When preparing the illustrations for the study, I took into account their differentiation in terms of colors, the area they occupied on the page and their dominance over the text.The study looked at how children respond to these different forms of depiction.

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