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Mobile application design

Mobile application for controlling the drone on the yacht.


  • By design, the drone is located on the yacht's roof, where it has its platform, and we can perform various tasks directly from the application.

  • The application is intended for people who cannot control the drone or do not have sufficient competence to do it on the water.

Home screen

Application hierarchy

The main screen provides access to all functionalities of the application.

In the middle part, I have placed its main functions: ordering a photo job and a video recording. It is a place that can be easily operated with one hand, in addition, the central arrangement and the size of the tiles emphasize the main purpose of the application.


The buttons for taking photos additionally have arrows which part of the ship will be photographed, which makes them more intuitive.

Other sections

I put the weather section at the top because its view contains a summary of all important information, so it will be clicked the least often.

Recently added photos and videos are a quick preview of what was commissioned, so I placed them in the lower part of the screen.


The design of the application is made of tiles that separate individual sections. Such modularity makes it easier to navigate through the application by closing sections in visible boxes.

The application is also intended for people who have not had contact with devices of this type. Placing functionalities and shortcuts to other application options on the home screen is intended to shorten the learning time of the application because during the learning phase, the user can only use this screen.

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