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Optimization in the booking process

Zaktualizowano: 10 mar

Optimization in the holiday booking process on the ITAKA mobile website

Prezentacja zaprojektowanej makiety UX

I have shortened the previous booking process to two views.Breaking it down into 4 steps created the option of the entire selection path from the offer - booking / payment.

Offer steps and details

Replacing the descriptive part “Quick, simple and secure booking in 3 steps!”on the next step graphic.The previous solution, in addition to the description, graphically presented the steps by closing them in boxes, but despite the description "Step 1/3", we do not know what the next step is - when we will be redirected to the payment, so describing the steps at the very beginning is of great importance.

The short version of the offer details contains information about the place, standard and the selected hotel.I have extended this section to add asterisks to indicate the standard, writing this information with * may be confusing due to the fact that we automatically look for a link that explains the meaning of *, as we have in forms where mandatory fields are marked with this symbol.

In the extended version of the offer details, I added a photo of the selected object and icons of individual details of the selected variant.They support the readability of information, which will speed up the entire booking process.

View data and form fields

In the form fields, it is proposed to enter descriptive labels above the field, not inside it.Another change is the combination of the "name and surname" field into one, which shortens the entire form while making it easier to complete.I added the focus option when filling out a specific form field, which increases the usability

of the productTo fill the boxes w

ith fields, I suggest a slightly darker color to increase the contrast.The layout I proposed loses legibility without it, because the sections are separated by white space and competed with the form fields.

Summary view

The summary view definitely lacks order in the insurance quotes.They are repeated in a few boxes and it is not entirely clear what it is about.

I proposed replacing the insurance in the PDF version with short offers where you can write the most important values - it is an accessible presentation of the benefits that the customer can have after purchasing a given package.In addition, they are more likely to read the insurance offer at all if it is presented in a more legible way.It also replaced the headings "additional services" with the specific sections they refer to: warranty, cancellation fees and parking as additional services.

At the end of the view, I placed a summary with the total price, which shows the price after any selection of additional packages, which allowed the introduction of the "book trip" action button

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