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Projects for the Natural Goddess portal

The cooperation includes the implementation of a calendar with an original interior (2020-2022).

To create the whole thing, it was necessary to develop a system: fonts, colors, icons and illustrations (version 2022).

For the needs of the product, I developed two fonts with characters that facilitate the arrangement of icons in the following days. The spreads feature various tables and infographics. Everything belongs to the same identification. As part of the cooperation, he also produces other printed materials and web.

In 2022, for the needs of the calendar, I suggested two illustrations that give the publication a more individual character.Apart from the illustrations from the author of the calendar, series graphics were sold as posters.

Our first cooperation is a planner to live in accordance with the rhythm of nature.This is where our first ideas appeared.Subsequent tables and charts brought us closer to the publications that we can proudly present.

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