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How to improve bad user experience and make account creation less annoying

Jobs to be done

When planning a trip I want to quickly find and buy a ticket so that I can get to the place I want

Persona Jobs to be done

Motivation: Wants to visit family

Possibilities: She has never been on a plane, expects that thanks to the application she will quickly find a connection at a good price.

start: 60 points


There is no information about the need to register to buy a ticket.


Solution: On the "passengers" screen, adding the "Booker details" option in the last step will only confirm the data. Optionally, he will be able to choose to log in through social accounts.

+ reducing the number of steps needed to register

+ no frustration caused by the step register because the user has already completed the data anyway

Rabbit holes

- the user is forced to create an account anyway - order abandonment


We do not change the appearance of the application