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The side of the hospital where I always get lost.

The main problem of the site is navigation

There is not enough information on the main page that is transferred to the top two menus. The menu is doubled as well as partially duplicated by the tiles under the main banner.

An additional problem is the disappearance of the menu when scrolling the page. Its hover state is deceptive, it emphasizes the top and bottom which can confuse, which actually illuminate the sections, all the more because the dash at the top is more visible.


  • Creation of one main menu

  • Expansion of the section with the hospital's offer

  • Creation of a section for Medirata, hospital team, career and cooperation

Mobile views

Creating one main menu solves the problem of a mobile view in which one menu hides into the hamburger and the other creates a large chaotic bar in the top view of the page.

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